- ABOUT me - 



Hello! Thank you for popping by! I am Emma and my middle name is Lili, pronounced “Lily” it is just spelt the French way. Pictured above is my hubby Luke, my son Noah, and of course me! Fun fact: I met both my husband and my son on June 24 just six years apart, so I met both loves of my life on the same day.

I am a Charleston based wedding photographer, but I do love to travel and have the pleasure of traveling often to Georgia, North Carolina and Colorado for weddings and sessions. I am always up to travel to explore a new city, state or country!

I am super extra, especially when it comes to my son or throwing a party. I go over the top with the theme, just ask me to share about my sons first birthday I started planning just a week after he was born… (I know this is completely insane). So it is probably a good thing that I canceled all my big wedding plans and decided to elope in Cabo San Lucas, or we definitely would have ended up with that ice sculpture that we did not need.

I love working with couples who do not take life too serious, who love laughing, corny jokes, and having fun. My couples love life and embrace all of the steps in planning their wedding. My bride and grooms when they think about their wedding day photography they want to look back and see their story told from start to finish through the tiny details, to beautiful portraits, with all the candid moments in-between.

If you made it this far, don’t be shy send me an email and lets be friends!

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