Danielle + Gene | Elegant Charleston Wedding | Cannon Green

Danielle and Gene had an intimate wedding shortly after the Lunar New Year on February 8, 2019 at Cannon Green. The wedding included sentimental touches in honor of both their late grandparents. The couple added a touch of color to their light and airy reception with Kumquat’s, a fruit grown by the brides grandfather, in her home state of Florida. The couple wed in Charleston to pay homage to Danielle’s grandmothers favorite book, Gone With The Wind. 

A romance long in the making after Rose, one of Danielle’s friends, thought her new coworker Gene would be perfect for her. The stars finally aligned when they met at a John Popper performance. John Popper has continued to help tell their story, the couples favorite song by him played after booking with me. 

Gene shared with my how he proposed, in his words:

“I proposed to Danielle on a Monday evening. It was November and I had stashed the engagement ring with my mother months before, knowing that if I had it in my possession I would propose at some random moment when we'd be in sweatpants or tipsy or embroiled in some situation where it would not have been appropriate. As I jogged down East Beach in Ocean Springs on that Monday morning, it just hit me that it was the day I would propose. I don't know if it was the cool temperature, or the smooth as glass Mississippi Sound or just the gloriousness of the sunrise, but I was overwhelmed by the desire to ask Danielle to be my wife. That morning before I left for work, I told her that I wanted to go for a bike ride that evening. The weather was going to be great, and I'd be home in time for us to catch the sunset. When I got home that evening, she had forgotten about our plans, and definitely seemed disinterested in my desired excursion, but she was a good sport and indulged me, as she often does. I managed to get her to pull over at a spot without a bunch of people so we could watch the sunset. She was definitely suspicious by this point. We sat for a minute and I snuck the ring out of my pocket. I got on one knee and asked her, with tears welling up in my eyes, to be my wife. It was awkward, but that's something we tend to be. Obviously, she said yes. My grandfather once said to me, "You know she's the best thing that ever happened to you." Boy, was he right.”

The bride shared some advice for any future brides reading!

“Know that things won't go perfectly to plan but that won't keep you from having the perfect big day. It's also ok to stick to your guns and say no to things you don't want. Getting married is a very personal private thing and your guests should be honored that you chose them to share in such an intimate and vulnerable moment in your life, that includes extended family. Also, if you don't have a wedding planner a day of point person or day of planner is still a wise investment. Friends are great and can be a lot of help but having someone that is a paid professional taking over all the grunt work of setting up, working with vendors, and of course making sure everything makes it out of the venue at the end of the night, is the best way to ensure that you don't have to worry about anything but enjoying yourself on your wedding day.”

Danielle and Gene thanks again for inviting me to document your very special day and I wish you all the happiness, health, and good fortune you deserve.

Best wishes and love!


Emma Allen

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage” Lao Tzu