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Starting my photography business has been such an amazing experience. I have been so thankful to have so many resources available to me to be successful. However, there are so many to choose from that it was overwhelming, it felt almost like when I was pregnant with my son trying to decide what I actually needed as a new parent. I later learned I could have saved thousands as I did not need everything available to me to be a good mom. Well much like that you don’t need everything to run a successful business, but to save your sanity, deliver an amazing client experience, and deliver an excellent product I could not have done it without some of the resources, tools and equipment. So I am sharing with you all what I use on a daily and what exactly is in my bag. Please remember equipment takes time to purchase, and you do not need all of the equipment I have to deliver beautiful images, but I do want to share with you what I do have in my bag.


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My Business must haves

Running a photography business is hard work, and I believe that you should work smarter not harder. Below I have listed out the top software, online programs and apps that I use nearly everyday to run my business and could not live without.


All-in-one platform to build your online presence. No need to have separate sites for your blog and website. Beautiful easy to use and customize templates and excellent 24/7 customer support. Need extra help with template design, check out GoLive HQ for affordable easy to use website templates.



Honeybook has been a gamer changer for me. Honeybook is my client management system I use for sending contracts, invoices, questionnaires and more. Click below to receive 50% off your first year.


How I organize and deliver my images to my clients and boost my sales by allowing a one stop shop for my clients to order prints, canvases and albums. Make sure to check out the Lightroom Plugin is a Publish Service that allows you to upload photos and Events/Album structures set up in Lightroom directly to ShootProof.


Choosing which images to keep from my sessions has never been easier, faster and more efficient since implementing Photo Mechanic into my workflow. “Photo Mechanic Is A Fast Media Browser That Helps You View, Organize, Manage, And Export Digital Photos”


Getting published has been huge for my business. When starting out I had no idea how to submit, where to submit and was overwhelmed. Two Bright Lights helps take out the stress of submitting sessions for publications and has helped me get published countless times and even in print!


Editing does not have to be the biggest pain in your business. I use Lightroom as my main editing software. It is easy to use, learn and provides you with everything you need to edit quickly, and consistently since using Lightroom I rarely have to use photoshop to edit my images.